Friday, November 12, 2010

Chris Gulker Memorial

Today, we honored the life of an amazing photographer, Chris Gulker, my friend. He was so amazing- I have been working with him at
He and his wife were such an amazing inspiration- they loved eachother so very much. It was so amazing to see them together-the picture of an exellant relationship.
He had been very strong, the past four years, batteling brain cancer. He was a photographer for the LA Times- he photographed Farrah, circo 1984-

(Shot by Chris) and other celebrities, like George Burns. Such an inspiring career! He even photographed ME- in July, what an honor!
Here are some pics from the service today- he was born in New Orleans- so there was a New Orleans style brass band.

Dancing to "When the Saints go Marching In"- what a celebration!

Grace- Chris' 3 year old grandaughter. So cute!

Also- to mention, Chris had one of the FIRST blogs ever- he essentially created the electronic blogsphere. So you would not be reading this blog, if not for Chris' endevors.

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